Lunch @ Urban Wraps

Hi everyone!

I’m free again! Yesterday was my exam and I am so happy it is over! I only had one, but because it was planned fairly late in the exam period, it kept on dragging on for such a long time. It really felt like a huge relief when I came out of the examination room yesterday. And my exam went well, so that’s a bonus!

After the exam, my fellow students and I decided to go for lunch together. We went to a place I hadn’t been to before and wasn’t even on my list of lunch spots, but it sure should have been. We went to Urban Wraps in the Minderbroedersrui 64, Antwerp. This place offers all kinds of wraps going from a classic Caesar to a very original sushi wrap. When seeing the menu, I immediately realised that I wasn’t going to be able to choose. I could bring my choice down to two, but I was so indecisive. One of my friends was dealing with the same problem, so we decided to take two different wraps and share them.

I didn’t regret that decision! We picked the chicken hummus wrap (chicken, hummus, olives, sun-dried tomato, red onion and rocket salad) and the sushi wrap (smoked salmon, nori, wakame, sushi rice, cucumber, guacamole, pink pepper and soja dressing). Both of them were so tasteful! Moreover, the owner was also very kind, so I will definitely go back some time to taste some of the other wraps.


As for the interior, there isn’t really anything special to it, although the corner in the back is quite cosy. They also had this huge ‘artwork’ of their business’ name made out of moss. A plus about this lunch spot that I should mention as well is that they also provide gluten-free wraps, so that could also be interesting for people that are dealing with a gluten intolerance.


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Anyhow, I am happy that one of my friends proposed this lunch spot because it is always nice to discover places you didn’t know existed.

X Liesl

Ps: This weekend I will show you guys all of my fall-winter sales purchases. Hope you will like them!

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